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Well it was never going to be easy returning home after nearly 3 weeks at Camden House. The bathroom was still very much a work in progress and I was thrust into the chaotic life once more. Happily the bathroom was finished the day before Good Friday, but my family were spending the weekend with my 'in-laws and I wasn't able to use my bathroom until Monday! I am rarely ever happy down at the farm as the bathroom is not disabled friendly and I am struggling a lot more these days. I was much happier once I was to come home and I was thrilled with my bathroom.
Despite all this it was hard to readjust to home life! I think I enjoyed the peace and alone time I had at Camden House.... and I took a long while to readjust.
I was excited about returning to Myrtle Cottage, my diversional therapy programme and I was missed by my colleagues there. However I was struggling to get over the depression that was engulfing me! I wanted to write and enjoy myself writing in my journals, writing in my groups and writing to friends. However I was distracted by almost everything!
My younger daughter was preparing to move out and was pushing herself so much that we were all rather worried that she would end up exhausted. She needed a holiday and yet she was pushing herself even more vigorously.
A whole new month which has been speeding past at quite a fast rate! My younger daughter moved out just before Mother's Day and it has been very quiet ever since. I had a nasty fall last Wednesday but I survived with a very big bruise on my head.... I went to hospital to be checked out, but I was pretty much fine.
I have been spending a lot of time filling up my new I-pod with music from my CD collection and that has distracted me yet again! I will have to settle down with spending money for a while. We have been almost frivolous over the last month or so, but we have needed most of the things we have purchased.... new clothes, a new quilt for my husband and I plus a few frivolous but spirit lifting items.

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