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I have decided to do a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter, although I am not sure if I can ever do it all again, like I used to. I used to write to over 100 penfriends and I started in the mid 1990's to write a monthly newsletter just to catch everyone up to my news. Those were the days when I actually felt that my news was exciting and worth recording.... as I reread those newsletters I can hardly believe that I was so self absorbed.
Now that I have Multiple Sclerosis, my whole life has changed and most of the things I got up to, I can no longer do! Of course I could become totally morbid about this, but I would rather find a new path to travel and so I am taking up a new challenge and I am pushing past the writer's block to write a little at least every so often. I cannot seem to concentrate long enough and I am easily distracted and I have lost a lot of confidence.
I have other journals, but I wanted to make this new one here at Dreamwidth an attempt to keep going with my life such as it is.
I want to use it to try and regain my lost confidence and to share my good days and bad days! I want to share my thoughts and feelings on my life, my illness, my activities, my family, pets, the state of the nation, on my life as a shut in (although I do go out from time to time) and lots of other things. So far 2009 has been a busy year and I cannot believe that it is May already!
Due to my disability our house has had to be changed to suit my needs and it has been a nightmare and my two dogs have been noisy and destroying the neighbours' sanity. In late January a new ramp was built from my back door and a new path laid around the side of the house. Then from March 16th our old bathroom was ripped out and a new one built with everything I needed now that I am disabled!
I needed to go to a place of respite whilst work was in progress and it had been a real struggle finding a place. Just 4 days before the work was to commence I found a place called 'Camden House'. It's really a Nursing Home hostel and it was to be home for me for nearly 3 weeks. I was nervously excited to go there, but as it turned out.... it was an absolutely wonderful experience.
I have been wanting to find such a place since I was first diagnosed, but it all seemed impossible for me. I really enjoyed my holiday, the staff at Camden House were wonderful, the food was great and I really felt restored when I went home.
Sadly when I did go home, the bathroom was still not finished and to be honest.... I wanted only to go back to respite!
We had the bathroom finished on April 9th, but the family left for my 'in-laws'' farm to spend Easter there. I didn't really enjoy my stay there, so I was happy to come home.

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