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I have really left this journal go quiet for way too long, but I guess it maybe time to get more involved in it. I have been battling Depression for a long time now, most of my life in actual fact but I keep fighting back as hard as I can. A lot has happened in my life over the past 10 years. I was a Registered Nurse who worked in Aged care, but my last two jobs ended very badly with me being bullied by my employers and my health broke down to the point where I had to leave work for good.
My health problems I thought were stress related, but I was diagnosed in 2005 with Multiple Sclerosis. It seems I have had it for a lot longer time but I thought my fears were due to anxiety only. I was 52 when I was I am 56 but I feel glad that really I was able to function well up until I was 51 and now I am free from the bullying and nastiness that surrounded me when I was working. Yes..... I have a chronic degenerative illness, my balance is poor and my mobility restricted..... but I am better off than most people. I do try to see the bright side...... but I do still have my 'black' moments.
I used to write a lot in my on and off line journals..... but it has been a lot harder over the past two years. Writer's block has really made a huge impact on my life and that is even harder to deal with than the Depression!
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